Sometimes it’s HARD to hear those words, “Follow your bliss!”


High up in the mountains of Peru,
The llamas gave me a message for you!

Your life is not written out in stone,
Step forward and embrace the unknown.

You are being guided to your every desire,
Follow your bliss and you will acquire.

Sometimes it’s HARD to hear those words, “Follow your bliss!”

“SHUT UP! I tried, it doesn’t work, leave me alone!”

Yikes…. see what I mean!

You know you want to, you know it’s important! But you feel like you’re headed down the wrong road!

All roads lead to Rome. “Great, last time I checked the Roman empire collapsed!” Do collapsing empires sound familiar?


No matter what road you’re on, no matter how far from your ‘bliss’
you think you might be, you can easily get back on track!

“WHAT? Please explain, Andy!”

Okay, inside of you right now is the most incredibly advanced cosmically charged guidance system ever created! This system
is ALWAYS guiding you to your desires!

This system always knows where you are and where you want to be!
Call it your angels, Inner being, Greater self, Spirit guides or Bob!

Bob gives you guidance in the form of… emotion! Sweet emotion or painful emotion!

Unfortunately, most people are numb to how they feel and are stuck
in their heads trying to think their way through life instead of
feeling their way!

If you want to get out of your head and start following your bliss
then you might want to check out my audio program AAFF.

When you feel annoyed, stressed out, frustrated, angry, fearful and depressed it means you are thinking thoughts that are taking you down a road that will take an extra long time to get to your bliss.

However, if you’re feeling grateful, appreciative, excited, happy, passionate and joyful, it means you are thinking thoughts that
are taking you directly to your bliss!

QUESTION: How do you feel those positive emotions when you’re surrounded by an environment or people you do NOT like?

Oh, master of spirit! If you answer this question correctly you will receive 100 boxes of Hui Ming green tea and a Chia pet!

a. You do the hokey pokey
b. You practice breath of fire sitting on your head
c. You look for anything to appreciate
d. You reach for a quart of Chunky Monkey
e. You remember it’s all an illusion

Each of the above answers will actually work in the moment, but the best answer that will serve you long term is C. The more you start looking for nouns (person, place or thing) to appreciate, the quicker you shift your vibration of attraction and the faster doors of opportunities will open and the right people will start appearing
on your path.

Actually the doors of opportunity and people are always on your path, it’s just that when you’re feeling those negative emotions you can’t see them!!!

The more you focus on what is working and what you can appreciate, even if you have to appreciate the same thing every day but in a different way, the sooner the road you’re on will turn into your bliss!

Here’s something you can do right now to start following your bliss:

First, appreciate yourself and allow yourself to feel good for getting out of bed!

Second, think of something that you enjoy doing or would love to be doing… I’ll wait…! Got it? Good!

Third, what is one simple thing you can do today that will bring you closer to living your bliss tomorrow?

One simple thing you can do… I’ll wait…!

Got it? Good!

Now go do it!

  Andy the Adventurer

PS – I’ll see you on your road to bliss and be sure to stop
along the way and feed the llamas. Give them a hug too!

PPS – The fast track to following your bliss click here!

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14 Responses to “Sometimes it’s HARD to hear those words, “Follow your bliss!””

  1. Joan Adams Says:

    Thank you for the reminder. Staying in a place of gratitude can make a blue day a lovely day!

  2. Karen Williams Says:

    Another terrific post, Andy!

    Thanks for reiterating that we receive guidance in the form of emotion!!!! It can’t be said too often that when we feel emotionally bad, we’re being alerted that we’ve been focusing on what we don’t want and thus going in the opposite direction of our goals and dreams. When we’re feeling emotionally good, bingo, we’re pulling wondrous things out of our vibrational escrow and brining them towards physical manifestation.

    Thanks to the llamas and the llama mamas for their message.

  3. Karen Williams Says:

    The llamas are welcome to drop by, but they need to bear in mind we’re short on pastures and mountains in our immediate vicinity. And shedding is not allowed in our guest room. 🙂

  4. Catherine Says:

    Hi Andy!
    Thanks for the reminder that looking for something/anything to appreciate is a great method to correct one’s course and back on the journey to my bliss.
    Many times, things flow smoothly and beautifully but are also those times of testing commitment to our Dreams…These are the times we all need a practical default practice(one that we can do even when we’re blue) to get us back on track.
    This is a great one!

  5. Barbel Says:

    Hey Andy!

    As always, love your “stuff” and agree whole heartedly! Gratitude creates attitude!
    Keep it coming! Hugs, Barbel 🙂

    Ps. I am grateful for your suggestion of joining toastmasters, I joined the “Powerhouse Pros”, met people there who also run “Las Vegas Improvisation Players” (clean-burning comedy) and joined them as well. I am having a bliss each week!!

  6. John Fitzgerald Vargas Says:

    Bro! Almighty Bro! This one was yet ANOTHER home run of Divine Food for our minds, for we MUST eat motivational/spiritual food everyday in order to stay healthy mentally all of the time. Thank YOU so much! I needed that! I was hungry. Well, I am always hungry! 😛

    I like Llamas- they are fluffy and friendly, and they also smell good after a proper bath. In addition, their name “Llamas” translates into the exact and technical command, “You, call.” And I see that as a motivational command to always call and converse with The Universal Mind. Mmm, maybe Blondie wrote her famous song, Call Me,” for The Universal Mind:

    “…Call me call me any anytime
    Call me for a ride
    Call me, call me for some overtime
    Call me in my life
    Call me, call me in a sweet design …”

  7. Gilberte ZOUEIN Says:

    Hi Andy, welcome back from Machu Picch. I like your explain of
    ” “follow your bliss”. I follow my bliss & appreciate anything &
    everything in my life.
    I love your style of vision board “Machu Picch” and now I put one
    like it in my vision board. THANK YOU ANDY.

  8. Ann Brown Says:

    Hi Andy

    Woke up this morning feeling annoyed, stressed out, frustrated, angry, fearful and depressed! Have just emailed my friend to call me when she gets up (it’s rather early on a Sunday morning just now!), so that we can get together and book our TUT Med Cruise for September. I feel fab already!

    Back off to bed with my cup of tea and my copy of AAFF. Looking forward to meeting you.

  9. Sue Says:

    The Hokey Pokey is #1 on my list… Take the Challenge!! Go on, I double dog dare ya!! 😀

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