The 3 F’s for Visualizing Your Desires!

1. Do it for FUN
2. FEEL good when you do it
3. FORGET about it

It’s FUN creating your own reality! Don’t visualize to make it happen, visualize for the FUN of it! Let the Universe make it happen! Your part is to have FUN!

Feeling good during the visualization is very important! WHY? Because how you feel is how you attract!

When you visualize your desire you are shifting your vibration and you’re sending a clear signal to the Universe that says, “this is how I want to feel!”

The more positive emotion you feel the quicker all of
your desires will manifest.

Forget about your desire! What? Yes, let go of your attachment! Remember you’re after the feeling not the manifestation. Your desire is just your excuse to FOCUS your brilliant, creative, sexy cranium. What you really want is the feeling… you love machine!

Let the Universe figure out the best way to give you the feeling you’re after. It might be your desire, it might not be. Focus on the feeling!

Your part is to have FUN, FEEL the good vibrations and
then FORGET about it!



PS – Don’t take any ACTION after you visualize, sit on your couch
and watch Jerry Springer! Just Kidding!

PPS – If you have been visualizing for years
and have NOT been able to manifest crap click here!

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2 Responses to “The 3 F’s for Visualizing Your Desires!”

  1. donna Says:

    Haven’t had my web site transferred yet into my name as yet.I need to visualize my brain as intelligently figuring this one out, or have a friend to help me with the details. Whenever I need to configure details I tend to get lost in the forest – so to speak. Guess I need to work on having FUN with this.
    I love love your artwork. Wish I had a mansion, and then I would perhaps be able to buy some of your amazing work. It is fannnnnntastic!

  2. Anne hobbelen Says:

    Hey Andy since Ive got back from holidays I have been following through on the work you and Mike taught me and thanks for your e-mails they are helping me to stay focus on manifesting my dreams life all is good I m feeling so happy right now Its been the best experience meeting you and Mike . A couple of my work mates get notes from unvierse so I found out since I ve got back love your art work to ….. all the best Anne

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