Take Inspired Action With A HOT Iron & Dance Naked!

Katie, who is 7 years old, saw her mommy ironing her blouse to get the wrinkles out! Katie loves pretending to be Mommy.

Later that day when Mommy went to work, Katie pulled out the iron and tried ironing her wrinkled blouse and nothing happened? Katie did not understand why the iron did not work for her?

Mom had turned on the child proof switch. No matter what buttons or knobs Katie turned the iron was ice cold. No matter how much action Katie took toward ironing her blouse the wrinkles were still there.

Are you like Katie?

I know many times throughout my life I would take action and strike with a cold iron and wonder why I was not manifesting my desires.

What does this mean?

Most people have a desire or dream and then take action toward that dream. But taking action with a cold iron is useless. You think you’re making progress but you’re not!

You need to strike when the iron is hot. Any action you take with a cold iron is only going to create frustration.

This is obviously a metaphor for the manifestation process using the Law of Attraction.

How do you get your iron hot before you take action? You have to plug yourself into source energy.

• Talk about your desire.

• Visualize the end result.

• Dance naked around your house.

• Journal about your desire and how cool it is to now be living it!

• Start telling the new story to your best friend.

• Do anything to create the feeling that your desire is already a part of your life!

Once you’re vibrating with your desire, your iron is hot! Now you want to take action.

What action do you take?

• Take inspired action that feels good!

• Follow your impulse and hunches.

• Dance naked at a friend’s house!

• Take action that comes from within.

Now it’s your turn to plug yourself into source energy and fire up your iron and smooth out those wrinkles of resistance.

Right now take 2 minutes and either visualize the end result or open a word document and start typing the new story about how you are already living your desire!!!

PS – You can always dance naked at my house!

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16 Responses to “Take Inspired Action With A HOT Iron & Dance Naked!”

  1. matt Says:

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  2. Donice Says:

    What great timing this blog was! For the last few days I’ve been trying to pull myself out of a funk w/o much success….. between this blog, the notes from the Universe and watching your dvd ~ How To Change Your Life Forever! a shift has begun…. 🙂

    A Bouquet of Love and Light,


  3. Gilberte ZOUEIN Says:

    TO ANDY,
    You & your ideas are allways super. I love your work and I love to dance with my work. Thank you .
    Gilberte Zouein

  4. Phyllis Swenson Says:

    Great blog, Andy. I love your humor. Makes me want to dance, dance, dance 🙂 Thanks.


  5. Paula Says:

    excellent advice for all, Andy. And, a great well to share it. Thank you. Now, off to a dance class.

  6. Karen Williams Says:

    Naked? Nuh-uh! The Lawrence Welk tunes that I dance to demand flowing, modest attire. 🙂

    Love the way you write, Andy — succinct, to-the-point, with good analogies.

  7. Barbel Says:

    That is right, Andy!…I always KNEW that all that naked dancing in my living room would pay off some day!! My iron is HOT!! It felt great to take the spontaneous (my hunches are great!) action to meet you in Jacksonville this past weekend, I had a blast!
    Your advice on finding the right Toastmasters group here in Vegas was out of this world! I went to my first meeting last night, did a 2min. impromptu and KNOW I am beginning to tell my NEW story!!!

    Andy, you are truly AWSOME ANDY!!


  8. Auriga Says:

    How often we wonder why the stupid thing isn’t working, just to find out we forgot to plug it in! Plug into the Energy Source. Bingo!

  9. exceedekest Says:

    Neat website.. Will definitely come back again soon!!

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