2 Words 4 Creating More Prosperity In Your Life Right Now!

Neil Diamond wrote a song about it!

Dr. Seuss wrote a story about it!

Neale Donald Walsh had a conversation with God about it!

I think it’s about time you woke up and started to talk about it!

What is it?

Two simple words that can transform your life!

Okay, it’s not fair to tell you to wake up. If you’re reading this you are awake. But are you conscious? Really conscious?

After reading this short blog. You will FEEL great, be wide awake and immediately start attracting more opportunities and prosperity into your life! Sound Good?

Depending on what you say after these two words you can immediately change what you’re attracting into your life!



When you say the words I AM.  You are making one of the most powerful statements you can make. It will define who you are in the moment and who you’re becoming. Speaking the words I AM sets the universe into motion.

I AM statements are a powerful way to focus your energy and shift your vibration.

When you make I AM statements, you are putting the Law of Attraction into action. You are, in essence, creating a new story about who you are! The more you make I AM statements with emotion, the stronger your vibration becomes and the more attraction power will be created.  And before you know it, prosperity is flowing into your life!

Below are a list of I AM statements designed to shift your overall prosperity vibration of attraction. Read all of them and most importantly, feel the vibration of each one in your body.

I AM on a roll. I AM feeling good. I AM confident. I AM easy-going. I AM optimistic.  I AM cheerful.  I AM clear.  I AM excited. I AM going with the flow. I AM focused. I AM creative.

I AM Awesome, Amazing, Fun and Fantastic!

I AM always in the right place at the right time.

I AM attracting wonderful opportunities into my life.

I AM beginning to experience the flow of prosperity!

I AM becoming more prosperous in all areas of my life.

I AM energized and buzzing with good vibes.

I AM beginning to feel good all the time.

I AM healthy, wealthy and wise.

I AM beginning to follow my bliss.

I AM getting good at letting go and letting it happen.

I AM smart.  I AM successful. I AM sexy.

I AM attracting to me, all of my desires.

I AM feeling better and better every day.

I AM living with passion and purpose.

I AM enjoying the journey.

I AM vibrating with success and happiness.

I AM a money magnet.

I AM enjoying new streams of prosperity.

I AM beginning to dance with abundance.

I AM finding money everywhere I go!

I AM beginning to see more opportunities!

I AM feeling more and more prosperous!

I AM attracting more prosperity into my life.

I AM prosperous. I AM abundant. I AM wealthy.


I AM PROSPEROUS! Woohoo! Boom, Chic-A-BOOM!

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PS – After writing this blog I took a walk around my neighborhood and found a one dollar bill! When I came back home there was a product order waiting for me in my inbox and I sold 3 more tickets to this weekends event in Jacksonville! Woohoo!

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28 Responses to “2 Words 4 Creating More Prosperity In Your Life Right Now!”

  1. Auri Says:

    Can I print this and stick it to my mirror? You are right, it does make me feel much better being in the moment and defining I Am. I just need the constant reminding, lol!

  2. Beth Pry Says:

    Hi Andy,
    This blog is great! I love it! Thanks for WAKING me up this morning.
    Have a prosperous day! And, I AM PROSPEROUS IN ALL THINGS!!


  3. Claudette Ferrell Says:

    Great! I wish you would do things like this more often. You have made my day, today. I hope to come to one of your programs someday.

  4. Pegatha McKeon Says:

    Hi Andy, Thank you for the lovely reminder. I listen to my I AM affirmations every day through a special holosync CD and I also say them to myself often. They have made a big difference in my life.

    Awesome description – pictorially and verbally – of our world in today’s (3/24) message, too. Thank you!

    Love, Pegatha*

  5. Gilberte ZOUEIN Says:

    To ANDY,
    I love all your creation and your bloc Andy.
    All Your ideas are fantastic. And especially your lovely painting and your use of color. this color you use it is my prefer color, it feel me relax, happy and enjoy.
    You know, I love do painting and I do it with pencil without color but when I see your lovely and happy painting, now I start to feel and enjoy color &
    I want to modify it to my painting.
    YOU are amazing. YOU are great.
    I AM, I AM, I AM VERY HAPPY because I known YOU. YES, I AM – WOW
    God bless you, bless your thoughts and your hand.
    Gilberte Zouein.

  6. Jamina Says:

    Can you place a “share” button so we can share this with our Twitter followers or facebook friends?
    This is great stuff that needs to be shared!

    • andydooley Says:

      Thanks Jamina for letting me know! I just added ‘share’ buttons to this blog!
      Please spread the word!!!

      I AM grateful and appreciative for Jamina!

  7. Jamina Says:

    to share the actual blog post not “product page” like you have already.

  8. Karen Williams Says:

    I AM very happy that you share your wondrous art, affirmations, and humor, Andy.

  9. lgifford01 Says:

    Great Blogg!
    I am am a wonderful person
    I am wealthy
    I am all that I can be
    Have a great day!
    Thank YOU!!!

  10. Melanie Rummel Says:

    My 17 year old daughter and I experience what I like to call “opportunities to excel”, sometimes on an hourly basis! I am going to print some of these I AM statements off and put on index cards, then stash in my purse, in my glovebox, by the kitchen sink. Next time we head for a boiling point, I will pass HER a few and ME a few…and insist we read them off. I’ll report if I feel the energy shift. Bet we will!

    Thank you, Andy!

  11. Barbel Says:

    Good morning Andy,

    I dont know who it was that said: “Imitation is the highest form of flattery” but I hope you dont mind when I will use your inspiring words as a topic for a speech that I will give in my “Speak up” class tomorrow.
    Thank you, I knew my inspiration would come, I just never know how it comes and today it is through YOU 🙂

    Ps. I sooooo look forward to meeting you in person in Jacksonvill on Sat. !!!

  12. Megan Harner Says:


    Today, of all days, I needed that reminder that my life is what I create it to be. The “world” as we know it is simply an illusion.

    Thank you for being so determined to enlighten those around you.

    You have made a difference in my life. 🙂

  13. Paula Says:

    I AM so glad I read this today. Perfect timing as we know, and I will keep repeating and living I AM. Thank you, Andy.

  14. Susan Wight Says:

    I AM Pure Peace. I AM Pure Awareness. I AM Pure Consciousness.
    I AM Stillness. I AM joy. I AM formless, eternal Spirit. Wow, I’m feeling better already… thanks so much Andy for the reminder. Blessings, Susan at http://www.EnergyPattern.com

  15. Judy Linehan Says:

    Hi Andy, great timing for those affirmations! I felt energized immediately. I AM are very powerful words and truly do create.
    Thanks so much.
    Judy L.

  16. garry Says:


  17. Gina Jo Kraus Says:

    Thank you Andy!! I facilitate the GTS Law of Attraction Group in Palm Harbor, Florida, and in planning short, sweet, *powerful* intro(s), was intending to have members include their I AM statement. May I have permission to circulate your blog? IT TOTALLY ROCKS!!!

  18. Suzanne Says:


    I love the I Am statements. You and your readers may be interested in the FREE wealth card and I AM document. They can be found at
    http://www.wbhf.blogspot.com We are definitely on the same frequency.

    Best wishes,

  19. rolland peter Says:

    hi andy,
    thanks for your words , i lost my job since then i do not where to steart from , but after reading your words i feel better now i know i can face any chanllages in live now, ANDY thaks for your writte up
    roland peter

  20. mg zondi Says:

    i am who i am
    i am creative
    i am witty

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