It’s 10 times more powerful then gratitude!

Did you know that gratitude can increase happiness levels by around 25%. Did you know that a few hours spent writing a gratitude journal over 3 weeks can create an effect that lasts 6 months, if not more. Did you know that cultivating gratitude brings health benefits, such as better quality sleep, a sense of peace that reduces stress and boosts the immune system and my favorite, longer love making.


How can a simple emotion like gratitude have such a positive effect on your life?


Every thought you think and feel creates a vibration that you are sending out to the universe and the Law of attraction is always responding to your vibration.


When you’re vibrating with gratitude the law of attraction is going to respond and bring more circumstances to be grateful for.


That is why you have heard it said, “Count your blessings.” Keep a gratitude journal and wear clean underwear! Just kidding, about the journal!


Do you want to know what’s 10 times more powerful than gratitude?


Here’s a quote from Abraham-Hicks.

“Gratitude is a wonderful emotion. Appreciation is ten times better. Gratitude almost always points you toward the thing you’ve overcome. Appreciation aligns you with the Source within you. They are very different vibrations.”

Think of a past relationship which you now look back on and say, “I am grateful to this person for being a part of my life and the valuable lessons I learned.” But notice you are still carrying some of the pain or suffering? This is what allows you to feel the gratitude.


Now think of the same relationship and say, “Looking back I now appreciate our relationship.”  Can you feel the difference when you appreciate them? You’re letting go of all pain and suffering. You totally accept what happened and how it happened and you are at peace with all of it!!! You’re seeing this person and relationship as a gift!


My challenge to you is to transform your attitude of gratitude into the vibration of appreciation and put on some clean underwear!


I appreciate you reading this post! Now think of three things you appreciate and smile really big because you are sending out some good vibrations to the world!

9 Responses to “It’s 10 times more powerful then gratitude!”

  1. Anne Says:


    You said it beautifully. Appreciation is the key and Abraham teaches that so very well. I posted an article about appreciation that you might also enjoy

    More love, Anne

  2. Rev Cyndi Krupp Says:

    I appreciate beginning this day with the words in your post. They helped me remember just how blessed I really am. Thank you for sharing

  3. Pamela Says:

    Hi, Andy –
    I’m a huge fan of your work. I agree with this post. Expressing gratitude is only the beginning of learning the fine art of appreciation.
    You are a blessing and I am grateful for your spirit.
    Every day is Gratitudesday for me!

  4. Appreciation is 10 times more powerful. : Gratitudesday! Says:

    […] Andy wrote about something being more powerful than Gratitude.  Read about it here: It’s 10 times more powerful that gratitude. […]

  5. The Bold Life Says:

    I’ve kept a gratitude journal for five years. It’s done wonders for me. The fun part is I can flip back to any given month of a year and immediately be flooded with good memores.

    I always thought I was appreciative of the person whom I learned the lesson from by being grateful. But I see this step takes it up a level.
    Thanks for the insight.

  6. garry Says:

    g,day mate i appreciate you and your wit and humore thank,s i also am gratefull for the abundance of wonderfull over supply of abundance on the air ways internet helps me have a choice contrast,good stuff or great stuff, you must make ya mum proud you and ya bro,u know he other one!!! thanks for the pictures they provide much smurks,,,n,,giggles cheers Garry

  7. Fiona Purdy Says:

    I appreciate getting my own personal Note From the Universe in my in-box five days a week. And I appreciate reading your blog posts.

    And I love and appreciate you And!!

  8. Lisa Says:

    Hey Andy, I appreciate that you have posted this insightful clarification between gratitude and appreciation. …What a great revelation! Best to You, Lisa

  9. Ron Cesek Says:

    Thank you Andy



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